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            What is credit balance or credit limit or account balance?

            Credit balance-
            The amount of credit balance reflecting in your account is the available credit given to you by Tripmaza for booking your tickets.

            Credit Limit-
            Credit limit is the maximum amount of credit authorised to you by Tripmaza for booking purpose.

            Account Balance-
            Account balance is the actual amount of funds remaining / due on your account.

            For Example 
            Credit Balance 5000   || Credit Limit 10000 || Account Balance 0

            Here you may book tickets upto Rs 5000 using your credit limit.

            In case booking amount is more than 5000 then you need to take additional credit balance from your credit limit. You can take maximum credit balance upto Rs 10,000 in this case.

            If you book a ticket for say Rs 3000 from this account then your system will show as below.
            Credit Balance 2000   || Credit Limit 10000 || Account Balance -3000

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