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            Payment system for Credit Agents on

            TripMaza offers credit facility to bonafide agents who wish to avail credit booking facility under the below mentioned conditions.

            Agents who commit to provide a minimum business of 2 lakh per month may be considered for credit facility by TripMaza.

            Credit limit is directly proportional to the volume of business an agent is giving us. Generally credit limit is equal or lesser than 25% of monthly business of an agent.

            Travel Partner/agent has to make regular payments on timely basis to keep credit limit active. Incase agent fails to make paymens on time or delays the payments credit limit shall be withdrawn.

            If an agent has been given credit liit of say Rs 50,000 and his credit needs to be made positive every 7 days then it means that the agent has to make payments for all his bookings the next or third day as per instructions by TripMaza and his account dues needs to be totally cleared at least once in totality every 7 days or earlier to keep the credit facility active.

            Incase agents fail to clear the payments within stipulated time the credit status shall be automatically locked till account is cleared to positive balance.

            Please ensure timely payments for smooth business and avoid any inconveniences.

            Updated: 01 Apr 2019 09:35 PM
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