Name Updation in Indigo via Tools.

            Step 1 - Login to

            Step 2 -After Clicking Patner Login Enter Login Details to enter.

            Step 3 -Go to my Booking after that Group Booking.

            Step 4 -Login Group id for name update.

            Step 5 - Enter your User id & Password.

            Step 6 - Go to Manage Bookings for entering the details.

            Step 7 -Go to View/Edit Booking to enter request id or PNR

            Step 8 -Kindly put Request id or PNR number to enter passenger details.

            Step 9-Download Format to enter the names in excel file 

            Step 10 -After Downloading and adding the names in excel file,save file and choose file to upload

            Step 11 - Upload the names & Cross Check the details Properly without any mistake.

            Step 12 -After Uploading the names,kindly save the details and retrieve the PNR if the names updated correctly or not.

            Updated: 28 Dec 2018 09:39 PM
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