What are the excess baggage charges of Indian domestic flights like goair, spicejet or Indigo airlines?

            Extra baggage or excess baggage as airlines call it can be purchased at a pre determined price either at the airport during checkin or online while booking the the flight ticket or post booking as well in certain airlines.

            Goair Spicejet Inigo have recently raised their excess baggage chages. Normally a passenger on a domestic flight ticket is allowed 15 kg of check in baggage. 

            When a passenger is expecting to carry baggage weight over and above the allowance permitted on his / her ticket they need to pay extra for the extra baggage. This baggage is called Excess baggage.

            Spicejet, Goair and Indigo airlines charge @ 400 per kg for any excess checking baggage beyond the perissible limit of 15kg if paid at the airport .
            Does it cost more to buy excess baggage at airline counter? Yes. Generally it costs more to pay for excess baggage if you intend to buy excess baggage at the airline counter during checkin. It is advisable to prebook for excess baggage to save on costs for the excess baggage.

            Goair Airlines - Excess baggage policy.


            You may carry a maximum of one piece of cabin baggage not exceeding 55cm + 35cm + 25cm (Total 115 cms) and must weigh no more than 07 Kgs. The Checked-in baggage should be up to 15 Kgs and not exceed 158 cm in overall dimensions (L+W+H).

            Excess baggage may be prepurchased by paying for the same as an add on while booking the ticket or also post booking before journey date.
            Generally the charges on baggage booked at airline counter are higher than what passenger needs to pay while prebooking for excess baggage.

            If customer wishes to carry more than the standard baggage allowance of 15 kg, they can pre-purchase the same in increments of 5 kg, 10 kg, 15 kg & 30 kg on Goair website.

            Customers can pre-book excess baggage in increments of 5Kg, 10Kg, 15Kg and 30Kg 

            5Kg- ₹ 1,900
            10Kg- ₹ 3,800
            15 Kg- ₹ 5,700
            30Kg- ₹ 11,400

            Spicejet Airlines


            How much baggage are passengers allowed to check in on Domestic Spicejet flights.?

            SpiceJet allows free checked baggage allowance of 15 kgs per passenger for all domestic bookings. SpiceJet does not accept responsibility for unsuitably packed, perishable, damaged or fragile baggage or for minor damage to the exterior of baggage (e.g. scratches, stains, soling, dents) resulting from normal wear and tear or for water damage to non-waterproof baggage.

            For Hand Baggage Only Fare no free check-in baggage allowance shall be permissible. Passengers who purchase this fare but have check-in baggage will be charged Fare Type Change Fee of Rs. 400.

            Cabin baggage of maximum 7 kg (which would include Laptop and duty free shopping bags) having maximum overall dimensions of: 115 cms. (L+W+H) on Boeing flights and 108 cms. (L+W+H) on Bombardier flights, is allowed to be carried per passenger, free of cost. Passengers with infants are allowed to carry an additional piece of hand baggage of maximum 7 kg., not exceeding the size dimensions, as mentioned hereinbefore

            What are the excess baggage charges on Spicejet flights?

            Passenger(s) carrying more than the baggage allowance i.e 15 kgs. will be charged at rate of INR 400/ Kg (effective from 22nd June, 2018). for domestic travel only.

            Each slab for Prepaid Excess Baggage can be booked only once i.e. Per PNR / Per Passenger / Per Sector.

            Can I Carry my liquor?

            Maximum of 5 liters with alcohol percentage between 24% and 70% in total is permitted in retail packaging as checked-in baggage. Consumption of Alcohol carried on board is not permitted on the aircraft. (Due to security restriction carriage of alcohol as hand baggage in Domestic flight is prohibited). A passenger may carry Alcohol if purchased from Duty Free shops if travelling on International flights. Same should be accompanied with the bill.

            Carrying liquor to/from Surat, Ahmedabad & Patna is strictly prohibited as Gujarat / Bihar are dry states.

            Can I prepurchase excess baggage?

            Checked baggage: SpiceJet allows free checked baggage allowance of 15 kg not to exceed 158 cm in overall dimensions (L+W+H) per passenger, for all domestic bookings.

            At the Airport: Passenger(s) carrying more than the baggage allowance(i.e. 15 kgs) as mentioned above will be charged at rate INR 400/ Kg (effective from 20th July, 2018) for domestic travel only.

            Prepaid excess baggage can be booked 6 hours prior to the departure of the flight at the following rates via our website or call centre (revised rate is effective from 20th July, 2018):

            Domestic: EXCESS BAGGAGE PRE-PURCHASE (revised rate with effect from 11 Oct, 2018)
            Fee type
            5 kg Prepaid
            Up to 1975
            10 kg Prepaid
            Up to 3950
            15 kg Prepaid
            Up to 5925
            20 kg Prepaid
            Up to 7900
            30 kg Prepaid
            Up to 11850
            At Airport
            INR 400/ Kg (effective from 22nd June, 2018)

            *Please note: pre book excess baggage discount may vary on different channels*

            Prepaid excess baggage once purchased, cannot be cancelled in stand-alone or used partially (e.g. if one has bought 5 kg and does not want to carry any excess baggage then the same is non-cancellable OR if one has bought 5 kg and excess baggage is 4 kg then remaining 1 kg is non-transferable/non-refundable/non-reusable).

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