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            Verification Procedure To Follow Before Booking Flight Ticket.

            Verify booking details- 

            Most important to follow the below procedures before processing any booking.
            Bookings should only be proceeded once below checks have thoroughly been done.
            Send all travel details to client for confirmation by SMS / Whatsapp / Email
                  Travel details should include -
            1. Date and Month of Journey
            2. Sector of Travel (From /To Airport City)
            3. Fare Quoted as per person / total .. to be mentioned clearly.
            4. Names of all passengers with title
            5. Departure time and arrival time with stops.
            6. Flight No
            Only after the client has checked and confirmed to go ahead with the booking the booking may be done.

            Booking will not be processed without written confirmation from client side. Telephonic confirmation on phone shall not be acceptable,

            If you have received the confirmation but client wants some change in itinerary say date has to be 17 instead of 16 and rest all remains same then also you need to send new itinerary with all journey details once again and take written "OKAY BOOK" confirmation message from client before proceeding with booking.

            Verifying the client credit worthiness

            Client credit limit needs to be checked before processing any booking

            How to check Credit Limit - 

            Existing Customer -

            If we can find the customer under contacts in CRM or if customer has some records in CRM we need to check the below details to know the about client credit authorisation
            Check how many bookigs have been done by that customer previously
            Also check if any amount is mentioned in CRM under credit limit field for the particular customer
            If the customer happens to be a regular customer we can book the ticket for that client.

            New Customer

            Incase no information is available about the customer in CRM we need to follow below steps to verify the customer.
            Ask customer for references to verify the customer so that booking can be done.
            If the customer gives some references and the references are verified by accounts department and approved then booking can be done.
            Incase customer cannot be verified then customer should be clearly informed that booking can be done only after verification process is done and go ahead given by accounts department.

            incase customer gives names of owner or owner family then politely tell customer that you will try to reconfirm from the owner / manager regarding the same.

            After booking mail, sms, whatsapp need to be sent to customer for the booking immediately to avoid unnecessary complications later.
            Sending email is mandatory for all bookings. It is necessary to ask client for email address. 
            All confirmation records must be maintained under respective potential as screenshot. For Example whatsapp confirmation, sms confirmation screenshots have to be attached to the respective potential.
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