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            Booking failed due to low credit balance

            In-case during booking a ticket if our credit balance or account balance is lower than the booking value of the ticket then booking may be processed by using any of the below mentioned payment options -

            1. Pay using online payment options like Debit Card, Credit Card, Net banking, etc.

            2. Take additional credit balance using the credit request option. In-case you have been allotted sufficient credit limit .i.e credit limit is more than the booking value of the ticket then additional credit balance may be taken. You may pay for your booking using this credit balance.

            3. In-case you have a booking for Rs 10,000 and your account balance is 2000 and credit limit is Rs 25000. In such case you may take additional credit balance of 8000 and pay for the ticket using hybrid payment option (2000 will be paid using your account balance and 8000 will be paid using credit balance) So after booking of this ticket your account balance shall become -8000.

            Updated: 12 May 2019 11:37 PM
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