How to change terminal 1 to terminal 3 in Delhi for connecting flight.

How to change terminal 1 to terminal 3 in Delhi for connecting flight.

Passengers are often unaware of the process when they need to change terminals at Delhi airport for taking their connecting flight.
Please note that the distance between T1 and T3 is approximately 8 kms.

For example when say a passenger is flying from Jaipur to Bagdogra via Delhi and say terminal needs to be changed at Delhi.
Say Jaipur to Delhi flight arrives at terminal 1 at Delhi and the connecting flight from Delhi to Bagdogra departs from Terminal 3 at Delhi.

Scenario 1.
When you have a single PNR (i.e booking was done directly from Jaipur to Bagdogra on connecting flight as stated above)
In such scenario your get your checkin baggage directly at Bagdogra airport. However you will have to change terminals at Delhi.

Please read below instructions which will help you to change terminals and board connecting flight.
After arrival at Terminal 1 at Delhi you can take a cab or a shuttle bus to travel to Terminal 3. Shuttle services are available every 20 minutes and you may collect free coupon from the shuttle bus counter against valid tickets/boarding pass for connecting flights. If you do not have connecting flight you may still travel in the bus by paying bus fare during your travel. At the exit gate of Terminal 1 between Pillar 10 you will find the stop for the Shuttle Bus Service. You may board the bus from this stop which will ferry you to Terminal 3 and then to Terminal 2 as well.

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