Flight ticket cancellation on tripmaza

How to cancell flight ticket on TripMaza.com

How do i cancel a flight ticket on tripmaza website ?

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Login to your Tripmaza account. Click on Accounts button on menu bar.

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Now put the order no / booking id in the order no field and click on the Search tool. This will open up the related sale entry.

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Now click on the blue coloured order no and it will open up the Order Details page.

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On the Order Details page under Order Information select the passenger you wish to cancel and click on Cancel Selected Passenger.

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On clicking the Cancel Selected Passenger button another dialogue box appears which reads the below information. - 
Please note: Cancellation will occur in the next 4 working hours. Working hours are from 8 A.M. to 10 P.M. everyday. If the flight departs in the next 12 hours you are requested to cancel with the airline directly to prevent NO SHOWS. Are you sure you want to cancel?

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Click YES SUBMIT to proceed and go to the final page which allows you to select reason for cancellation if any. In case refund is required for flight cancellation / delay etc you may select the relevant option and proceed by clicking on Proceed Request button. See below to find list of options available on this page. 
Cancellation will be processed once cancellation team reviews your request.

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